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Garmin Mobile XT for Nokia 5800 XM

Hii all i want to write about installing the famous software in the world for
Nokia 5800XM
Its Call as Garmin Mobile XT
version 5.00.60
which is no more longer free from Garmin Official
and i will try to explain it as detailed as i can

Note :This software might be suitable to other phone thats use touch screen,but dont ever use this on NON-TOUCHSCREEN phone which are tested and  resulted as NOT SUITABLE.This software are just for touchscreen devices only.For Non Touchscreen devices please use Version 5.00.30

Ingredients .

1.Nokia 5800 itself
2.Card Reader or Laptop with built-in card reader
3.SD Card Adapter
4.Garmin mobile XT V 5.00.50 Download
5.Garmin Keygen 1.5 Download
6.SW.UNL File Download
7.Garmin update to V 5.00.60 Download
8.Basemap Download
9.Malaysia Maps (Malfreemaps 2010) Download

Step 1

Take out your Memory Card from your phone..put it onto an adapter and connect it to your card reader or Notebook.

Step 2

Run "Setup" from Garmin Mobile XT v5.00.50 folder ,this will create garmin folder onto your Memory card.How to do this - Highlight your memory card and click "Install",wait till finish.

If All done ,you'll get this message

Step 3

Put back your Memory card into the phone,then point to "Applications" -

Then point to "File Manager"

Then point to "E:Memory Card"

And find a software "Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.50 SIS, it must be somewhere in your memory card depend on where your set it earlier.

Run that software from your phone.

Click yes and agree untill finish.Dont panic if you got this questions asking this.

Wait till finish

After all the instalation is finish,go back to main menu in your phone

Run your Garmin Mobile XT for the first time and you will see this ,wait till it finish loading.

Then "AGREE" and click next due to your own setting beyond this step.

Until you reach this,click "connect to garmin GPS"

Then click "CANCEL"

Then your Garmin Mobile XT interface will appear.Click Setting ( the spanner logo/symbol) and point to "Setting"

Scroll down and click "ABOUT"

And look at your "CARD ID" write down it somewhere if you cant remember it.

Step 4

Run Garmin keygen ,type your unit ID into this keygen and choose "Garmin Mobile XT" than generated the code,after you got the code then copy the code to the "SW" file in "Garmin" directory in memory card .

How to create this "SW" file? OK first you create a notepad file,open it and save it as "SW.UNL" ,thats it,if you still cannot create it ,just DOWNLOAD it here, but make sure you change the code to your code that you self generate..

The file "SW.UNL" should now look like this.

Step 5

Install the map set you has download above onto "Garmin" folder in your memory card,becarefull with its name because Garmin just accepted this 4 name of maps.So please just rename your map file within this name.

  • gmaprom
  • gmapbmap
  • gmapsupp
  • gmapsup2
* Where to get the maps? kindly visit the website below,they are major maps provider for us in Malaysia,since now,Garmin authorised them to supply maps for end user of garmin devices.


Step 6

Download this file and copy to your "Garmin Directory,do not change the name,this is to install your unit with "VOICE" guide and "HELP" file to the unit,since we install it with upgrade versions,so now we need to do it manually.

Step 7
Download Garmin 5.00.60 ,place it in your memory card,this could be somewhere,but makesure you can find it ,after that ,put back your memory card onto your Nokia 5800,and run this software from your phone.Now it should be version 5.00.60 rite now.

Step 8
Run your "Garmin Mobile XT" again ,then click to the signal logo,at this time your signal logo still didnt get a signal yet.Then click "Use Attached / Built In GPS"...then click "Enable"

Then wait until your unit get a signal from sattelite,the best practise is to bring your Nokia 5800 to outdoor to let it detect signal itself...after your unit has detected a signal,you can bring it indoor...but this signal may not very good as it was exposed to outdoor..

After all,you can enjoy navigate anywhere either to the ocean with your Garmin Mobile XT...hope it will works smooth ...and Thx for read this tutorial ....

Here some screen snap of Garmin Mobile XT of mine...hope this can help the rest of you to use this software for the future....

Note: How to snap screenshot from your Nokia 5800 in easy way, check this software Download screensnap

Disclaimer :
This posting and software attached here just for learning purpose only,if you satisfied with this software ,please buy an original product from manufacture company.

Please uninstall this software after 24Hr of usage.Blog owner of is not responsibility of any damaged to your data or devices or partially of your data and devices or human injured by using the software attached here,we didnt provided any software in our database,all of the software linked here is from 3rd party website.Use it on your own risk.

If you liked this post,kindly leave a comment and i will appreciate any comment from you to make much better tutorial for the next post.

This Garmin Mobile XT has tested on Nokia 5800 and Nokia C6 and work perfectly ....for your info.THX


  1. Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..Mobiles

  2. Saya pun dah install Garmin XT didalam Nokia 5800 Music Express tapi sekarang ni Nokia pun bagi free update map bagi Nokia GPS application. Map Nokia siap ada nama lorong jalan dan 3D view

  3. Salam akubiomed..antara Nokia Maps dan Garmin masing2 ada kelebihan tersendiri...apabila navigate di laut..Nokia Maps tak boleh "trail back"..tapi Garmin ada "tracked N Trail back"..jadi tak alah kalau kita install 2 x 2 sekali...malah boleh "run" 2x2 sekali "applications" dalam satu masa...thx for comment..

  4. salam. nokia saya dah install V 5.00.50 dari awal. so just nak update ke V 5.00.60 dan update map.
    1) macam mana nak update?start dari step 7 ke?
    2) atau saya kene update map dulu (start dari step 5) tapi skip step 6?


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  6. i will try this phone on my Nokia 5800XM . it is touch screen mobile and this application will help me so much .... and will improve my handset.....

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  7. thanks for leading the step by step of each part of mobile can i find the google earth on it ... then how ? ? ?

    Mobile prices in Pakistan

  8. Salam anonymous...utk update dari V5.00.50 ke V5.00.60 just start dari step 7....Plug N Play...

  9. Thx for all commentar here..n sorry for being late reply..quit busy working everyday...

  10. To adeel..for google maps ...we can run google maps alone in 5800...insteadt running Garmin we still can run booth applications..otherwise 3 or more...

  11. After several month using this software on 5800xm..somy review for this Device of 5800xm..its good and able to run Garmin Mobile XT on it..but its will hang when i scroll the maps to left or must be patient to close the applications and start it again.

    2.Its take much longer to detect sattelite signal compare with my wife devices of Nokia C6-00..or my friends Nokia E62...but still able to detect signal..just its took more time -maybe to warm up the GPS built in devices i think..

    3.Excellent using with Nokia Maps...detect signal time just same as using Garmin..just it excellent while zooming or scroll up-down nor left-right without hang if we navigate using nokia better to install with booth NokiaMpas and Garmin..because both applications has its specialty..

  12. mcm mane nk update map malaysia je..terus gne step 9 ke???

  13. To map pastu install dalam garmin folder and rename maps seperti di step 5...hope it work...mine work excellent why yours dont??post here if u still got trouble..thx for da comment..

  14. Thanks for the help..saya ada problem dgn map..nk install tu mcm mana?dari pc or dri hp?kne mount ke file ni baru leh install if dari pc?

  15. hi j have it installed thanks, the only issue is i have no uk maps if any one knows how to sort this much appreciated

  16. To anonymous..bynk cara nak install maps tu,basicnya ialah letak file maps tu dlm folder garmin dlm SD card,pastu rename file maps tu spt di step 5,mcm mana nak upload ke SD card tu terpulang pada masing2..smda pakai card reader atau direct guna cable pun boleh..

  17. key generator is considered as virus?

  18. Nop..its because AVG always read it as an VIRUS..mine use PANDA AV problem bout it..thx..

  19. salam sy pakai nokia c6 tapi map tak support walaupun dah rename spt step 5 tu,file map tu img atau rar,please help me thanks

  20. Salam kembali...file map tu sepatutnya dalam format "IMG"..k thx.

  21. sampai step 3 je, step 4 x jumpa nak wat, haha

  22. Download je bro file tu kalau tak berjaya buat sendiri...its something complex to explain here...

  23. Yang nak pakai file "SW" tu sendiri..lepas copy code dalam "SW" tu ,letak file "SW" tu dalam GARMIN main folder..

    Camana nak edit "SW"..guna notepad..

  24. kenapa kredit kita berkurang bila guna garmin...sapa tau sebab aper...

    1. Sepatutnya tak de issue credit berkurangan bila guna GARMIN Mobile XT ni..kecuali bro ada update atau guna online services ,klu nak guna online services harap fahami servis daru syarikat TELCO bro..samada sim kad yang digunakan untuk call biasa atau pun hanya untuk data..refer to TELCO Operator,TQ

  25. mcm mana nk download map latest bro?dah lama cari xjmpa2 jga...

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Anonymous - sorry for very late reply..kinda bz always.
    macam mana nak download map?


    ni 2 website yg provided Garmin official Maps. TQVM

  28. Dear readers,any comment linked to suspicious @ virus @ malware spreader will delete without notice and compromised,please do not link spam to my website,TQVM