Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tinggi Island Travel

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Welcome To Tinggi Island......

Tinggi Island located an about 2 Hours from Johor Bahru and 1 hours from Mersing.This island was declared as National Park by the government.There is some accomodations for tourist to stay here.Since now,4 chalet still available for visitors for rent rating from 2 star to budget chalet.Available chalet right now is Tinggi Island Resort ( 2 star ) ,Shahroms Budget Chalet located at Kampung Pasir Panjang,Pak Long Moks Budget Chalet located at Kampung Tg. Balang and Pak Bakars Budget Chalet located at Kampung Sebirah Besar.Those budget chalet espicialy targets for small family and anglers whose wanted to feel the natural and fresh air of this island.
The villagers mostly stay at Kampung Tanjung Balang,where there
is some infastructure like School,Mosque,Klinik Desa,Pondok Polis etc located there,and some others stay at Kampung Pasir Panjang where there is " National Park" office for whole island included in National Park Listing operated here.Other island listing in Mersing National Park is like Pulau Sibu,Rawa,Aur,Pemanggil,Seri Buat etc managed by
National Park Dept located in Tinggi Island.Any Tourist can visit their office and tourist centre for more informations,or just visit their web site 'here' for more .

Our goals is for those any anglers around Malaysia and our neighbourhood 'Singapore" to came and get some fish catching around Tinggi Island.We have 2 boats thats ready to serve any anglers to try their luck in our Tinggi Island spot.We have our own unjam that we make our self ,and also many spot to explore arund here. For more we also co-operate with some "Kelongs" nearby like Kelong Ah Fatt near Sibu Island(terms and conditions apply).Normal species here is like Kerisi,Kerapu,Ketarap,Kertang,Stingray(Pari),Merah ,Angas and more species that so long to list here.The good time to get in here is from March to October,and we will try our best to make you happy when you come and leave our spot and our boat.We also co-operated with 1 dive company base in Malaysia,known as "Sabas Explorer",for any visitors that interested with this activities also can call us for divers or course arrangement.This company contact person is Mr. Farouk,he always available at his site office at Tinggi Island.Any questions and suggestions are welcome from us,you can contact us by phone or mail at any time,we are working 24 hours a day and 365 days a years to success your need.Our motto is " Customers Always Right" even the faulty came from you.Lastly we hope you are enjoy and feel happy to visit us at Tinggi Island,Mersing,Johore,Malaysia.

Tanjung Leman Jetty,your one stop centre

Tanjung Leman Jetty

( HOW TO GET HERE)This is one stop centre for any tourist who wish to visit Tinggi Island,how to getting here?from Johor Bahru you can ride your car using Johor Bahru-Mersing Road,and turn right to Felda Tenggaroh junctions,there is always a signboard showing to Tg. Leman before the junctions,then follow thats path until you saw 1 more signboard guide you to left junctions to Tg. Leman or Sibu Island ,after that go straight until you reach 1 more right junction and drive to the end of thats road until you see a parking counter,get the ticket ,then you has reached Tg. Leman jetty carpark,from here you can park your car and take a boat to an island.Car park fare is about Rm 8.00 a day,jetty fare is Rm 4.00 per/person (adult) and ferry fare charged by boat chartered,normally the boat charged is around Rm 200.00 for speed boat and Rm 300.00 to Rm 400.00 depend on boat size.Our charged included in our package " here" for your guide.Here at Tg. Leman jetty there is some food stall and fishing accessories stall ,toilet and "surau" for muslims available while you are waiting for your boat and after you finished your trip.They normally operated from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This jetty got 24Hrs secured by their own security,and patrol from Sungai Ambat Police Stations,so your car safety is no compromised. If you still have any questions ,feel free to call me at anytime,i'll try to help you as i can,and as soon as possible.

Tinggi Island Jetty,view from sea

Tinggi Island Jetty,view from island

Tinggi Island Beach

Tinggi Island Beach

 Cool Water At Pulau Tinggi

An Evening In Pulau Tinggi

Tinggi Island Beach View

Tinggi Island Skyline

Dive underwater At Tinggi Island

Dive course available at Tinggi Island,this course is operated by "Sabas Explorer",this company based in Malaysia ,their contact persons is Mr. Farouk,and he always available with their equiptment at his site office at Tinggi Island.For more informations please visit their web site "here"

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  1. Salam kepada semua pengunjung kami..kami sedia memperbaiki mutu dan perkhidmatan kami,sekiranya ada apa-apa komen yang ingin anda berikan,sila majukan komen anda disini.Terima kasih dari kami

  2. cantik blog.lg cantik dgn pemandangan yg memang sedia ada cantik nye.much better than b4.keep it up.

  3. great post! very informative!

  4. Terima kasih atas komen yang anda berikan,kami sentiasa cuba memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik untuk anda..

  5. Salam, terima kasih atas mengunjungi laman web saya ( & komen. Kalau ada sadara mara @ kenkawan nak kahwin, bolehlah tempah AWAL agar tidak terlepas.
    Satu laman web menarik di sini...bagi kaki2 pancing...dulu saya pun kaki pancing gak, tp dh lama stop...hihihi

  6. Salam bro, thanks for the comments kat FP saya ( kalau ada kekawan @ sadara mara nak kahwin @ apa2 majlis, boleh contact saya tapi kenalah tempah awal...
    Bro ni mesti kaki pancing, kot... Menarik permandangan2 kat cni..

  7. Thx Bro Zul...kawan kagum dgn teknik fotografi bro tu.....mmg le anggun semuanya..hanya yang betul2 minat je dapat posing ngan gambar2 tuh..kawan cume tau posing ngan ikan ke ke..

  8. wah bro... lu skang terer ckp omputeh rr.. wa x sabar nak tggu bln 6 nie bro.. sape lg yang ada time kta kat pulau nt.. agak2 lu lah durian dah luroh blom time kita g sana nt.. hehehehe

  9. Cilakak lu pyan....haku rase durian baru nak berputik lah takpe,tu masuk dlm pakej day 2 aktvt ke jungle tracking tu...sapa lagi ,kita kita je lah..dah nama pon trip VVIP ,mana blh panggil ramai2...

    yg penting.."DIVING" he he he..tak terbakar ke??

  10. Seronok tengok boleh diving saya bukan nak katakan diving nak floating pun tak menjadi-jadi ;-)


  12. Thx For visit our island..hope u will come here again....